PanzerGlass Clear Case For Apple iPhone 11 - Clear  || 500125

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-Product description: Protect your Apple iPhone 11 against scratches, dents and fall damage with this Panzerglass ClearCase! This transparent back cover is made of the strong PanzerGlass tempered glass, together with flexible TPU material. This combination not only provides rock-solid protection, but also ensures that the original design of your Apple iPhone 11 remains clearly visible. -Transparent Design: Smartphone's nowadays have stylish designs that are worth admiring. It is a shame if this design disappears behind a case. The Panzerglass ClearCase is completely transparent. This keeps the original design of your Apple iPhone 11 clearly visible. The case has been specially adapted on the Apple iPhone 11, making it a perfect fit. With the use of PanzerGlass tempered glass, a yellow haze is prevented, making the case really completely transparent. -PanzerGlass Protection: PanzerGlass is known for the great protection of the PanzerGlass Screen Protectors. This protection is no different with the PanzerGlass ClearCase! The ClearCase absorbs shocks, protects against fall damage and is scratch-resistant. The combination of PanzerGlass glass and high quality TPU ensures a strong, transparent case. An excellent choice to protect your Apple iPhone 11!

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