PANZER GLASS Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus - Black  || 500077

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- PanzerGlass is only 0.4 mm thick. - PanzerGlass is 9 times stronger than plain glass. Even sharp objects like knives and keys do not scratch PanzerGlass. - Fat repellent coating. PanzerGlass has an anti-fat coating that prevents fingerprints and other dirt, making it easy to clean the glass. - Delicate Touch. PanzerGlass is covered with strong silicone on the back so it is easy to install and adheres to the glass so it does not affect the touch screen sensitivity. - Anti-Shatter Film. If it breaks, PanzerGlass goes into small pieces that are not sharp and adhere to the film, making it more safe than other glass products. - shock absorbing PanzerGlass Screen Protector Protection against impact and scratches PanzerGlass is made to protect the LCD screen from damage and scratches with specially made glass that has been reinforced to increase shock absorption. The entire PanzerGlass' surface is also transparent. When installed, there are no gaps between the LCD screen and PanzerGlass, which means that the touch screen sensitivity is not affected.

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