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    About us


    Established in 2011, H&S is an integrated electronics store comprised of three branches that are spread across the State of Kuwait. Our stores act as a nexus linking all our dear customers together. H&S three branches are located in Al Jahra, Al Aqeela , Al Sharq, avenues mall, Kuwait Airport Terminal 4 and shuwaikh exhibitions, offering a wide range of modern and diverse electronic products, as well as integrated maintenance services, either through the maintenance department located in each exhibition, the main maintenance center with the latest equipment in Al Sharq, or the mobile maintenance workshop.

    H&S Store provides its clientele with mobile phones, computers, tablets and all other electronic accessories. Our customers can visit any of our branches, enjoy a free shopping experience and purchase a variety of first-class products. Besides, H&S staff is ready to answer your questions and handle your inquiries at all times.

    In terms of diversity and quality, H&S Store is one of the finest. When you visit our exhibitions, you will find a variety of smart gadgets and accessories for an assortment of top-notch, international brands to render your shopping experience more agreeable and easier. Counting on H&S, you can purchase all your quality requirements from a merely one place.

    Finding reliable electronic fairs is a daunting challenge of which we, at H&S, are aware. Hence, we fashion long-standing products and offer high quality services as our key objectives. Our customers will always be in good hands.


    To become the first destination in the field of electronics in the State of Kuwait and to strategically expand our business in the Middle East and the world. To build robust, long-term and mutual trust relationships with our customers, making H&S brand a symbol of high-quality products and services.


    Customer satisfaction is our mission. We aim to build trust pertaining the quality of our products and the credibility of our information.


    We offer you a vast range of electronics in Kuwait!

    At H&S Store, we provide you with more than 80 different international brands at competitive prices, along with an assortment of different products. The product that suits your personality is always available at our exhibitions.

    In today's technological age, there is always something novel. Every day, we are exposed to new technologies, devices and programs, so we are always positioned to take the lead in latest developments in the electronics markets. Looking forward to seeing the latest hardware releases, we take great care of the market and experiment everything new before displaying it in H&S Store. Moreover, we attend technology conferences and events, sharing up-to-date developments with our customers and social media users.

    Highly skilled, our maintenance experts receive continuous training that keeps them always informed about what is new.

    H&S continuously provide its customers with competitive offers throughout the year to meet its customers’ requirements. We take pride in the fact that our customers have always been eager to be updated with our offers.


    We constantly strive to be a reliable source of technology information!

    Contributing to the rehabilitation of youths, we bring learning opportunities forward by providing students with summer trainings. H&S has been able to establish many of them with valuable professional and life experience, all working in favour of a prosperous future.


    We provide our customers with a vast array of international electronics brands, gadgets accessories, and ranged maintenance services:


      H&S products extend from mobile phones, chargers, cables, cases, protective screens, speakers, batteries, computers, tablets, headphones, various phone accessories, TV accessories, memory cards, adapters, smart car accessories, smart clocks, computer accessories and everything that meets your different needs.


      Customer service and technical support:

      We provide support through social media channels or by contacting customer service.

      • Maintenance services:

        We also provide technical support and maintenance work through specialized, mobile workshops; a service that fosters our excellence.

      • Delivery:

        We offer home delivery in Kuwait within 24 hours of the purchase and delivery within 3 to 5 working days across the GCC.

      • Receipt of complaints and suggestions:

        We attentively listen to our customers and receive complaints and suggestions.

    Corporate Contracts

    Through contracting with companies interested in distinguishing their customers and employees, H&S provides them with electronic supplies and devices at the best prices. In addition, special discounts for employees are offered.

    Customer Follow up

    We maintain a comprehensive database for our customers, including product information, transaction history, and warranty data. Thus, fast and integrated services are rendered more convenient for our customers. All of this information remains private, not shared with any third party.


    H&S Store provides brand warranty accredited by its manufacturers. We provide our customers with the necessary support both during and after the warranty.


    With the aim of providing comfort and satisfaction for our customers, we have been keen on bringing forth multiple means of communication so as to properly deliver all the purchases. We currently have six branches across the most vibrant areas of Kuwait.

    Sometimes, our customers may find it difficult to access our exhibitions. Therefore, we launched easy-to-use digital platforms to make the purchase as smooth as possible; your product is only one click away. You can browse our website and mobile phone application where you can find your perfect products. You can either book the products you want directly easily or make the purchase through the available payment gateway.

    Orders can also be placed through WhatsApp or customer service. To save your effort and time, you can either contact our store or the mobile maintenance workshop, and they will reach you at any area of your choice.

    Home delivery service is also available. Accurately and professionally, our team follows up not only your request but also your feedback about the product and service.


    • Staff :

      Selected with the finest skills and experience in our field, our staff members receive necessary training to acquire professional customer service skills. Customer needs are of paramount importance to us. Therefore, our staff provides all possible information and assistance to reach customer satisfaction. We, at H&S, believe that the teamwork, based on family values, and the implementation of open-door policy between management and staff are among the key motives that yielded our success.

    • Maintenance Team :

      The Service center specializes in hardware maintenance and technical support. We have chosen the most adept technicians who provide vast knowledge, experience, quality and mastery to be part of our maintenance team. Our service center offers a full-month warranty on the repaired equipment; each service center is equipped with the latest tools and spare parts.


    We pride ourselves on devoting the utmost attention to the quality of H&S Store products. Trust is our aim as we want our customers to be certain that H&S products are the finest. We have built a strong and positive reputation in the markets, maintaining solid ethics foundation and consistently following our rules and regulations.

    We strive to deliver a comprehensive service based on the ultimate professional standards and quality. Keen on communicating with our customers and guaranteeing their satisfaction, our services go beyond the sales phase.

    We not only listen to our customers but also understand their needs to provide them with the best services and products.

    We value the trust of our customers, providing them with precise data and integrated information through utter transparency.

    We adopt innovation and positive creative thinking, keeping pace with technology in terms of following up the latest products and technological developments in the electronics markets.

    Our team is smart, diligent and honest, and always ready to help. With its competence and maintenance of services highest standards, they serve as the facade of our exhibitions..

    We completely avoid exhibiting any fake or defective products; all of our products are certified and belong to the most renowned brands in international markets.